We’re Living in a Post-PC World

Just a few short years ago, everyone used their desktop or laptop computer to access the Internet. That’s changing, and fast, as mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) increasingly become the preferred–and sometimes, the only–method people use to go online.

It represents a major shift that’s happening with your customers. It’s called the Post-PC world–and we’re all living in it.

You don’t need me to tell you how smart phones and tablets (like iPads) are showing up everywhere. Everyone seems to have one–from your 11-year-old neighbor to your dad.

What you might not realize is how much your customers depend on them. You’ve heard this before: look at the customer to your left, look at the customer to your right.

Here’s the new part: one of those customers doesn’t use a PC at all anymore.

A full one-third of adults go online always (or almost always) using only a smartphone or a tablet.

What does that mean for you? And your business? I’m going to help you with that question over the next few months. In the meantime, enjoy this infographic on the Post-PC World, just for you:

post-pc infographic

Author Photo--Charlyn KeatingAbout the Author: Charlyn Keating is equal parts business, creative and tech. She brings proven success in online marketing to the app and games world, helping you level up so you can earn the players and profit you deserve.


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