We’re Living in a Post-PC World

Just a few short years ago, everyone used their desktop or laptop computer to access the Internet. That’s changing, and fast, as mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) increasingly become the preferred–and sometimes, the only–method people use to go online. It represents a major shift that’s happening with your customers. It’s called the Post-PC world–and we’re all living in it. You … Read More

The Secret to Success as an Indie Solo Developer

Of all the great talks I saw at this year’s Casual Connect in San Francisco, few left me as inspired as the one Joe Cassavaugh, the creator of the Clutter series, gave: The Secrets of a Moderate Success: An Indie’s Tale of The Long Tail. He was everything I set out to be when I started developing my own games: … Read More

Don’t Bank on Winning the Lottery

Last week I wrote 5 Reasons Why Candy Crush Saga Is So Addictive. In it I interview people I know, real players who are addicted to Candy Crush Saga, to try to identify what makes it so addictive. I thought we, as solo and micro-team developers, could learn from that, and apply it to our own games. After I wrote … Read More